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I was turned over to this collection agency by a hospital in Chandler, AZ for failing to pay a bill they never EVEN SENT me! When i got my first notice from Grant & ever I immediately called them to find out what the bill was. They were extremely rude, basically said I owed it regarless of who it was from. At this point in time I didnt even KNOW it was a bill from the hospital. I advised the person handling my account, G Montana (goes by Roger) that I would not pay ANYTHING until I had an invoice to show me what the bill even was. I made it VERY clear that I was disputing this bill. VERY CLEAR. While I waited for proof to be sent via the mail, Grant & Weber placed a collection account on my credit bureau, severely reducing my credit score. I called back, and was treated with the same rude G Montana. He likes to argue by the way - he has ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. I have been in the collection business for over 20yrs and I know bad collections from good. Grant & Weber have extremely badd collections practices.

I finally gave in, realizing my dispute was falling on deaf ears, and decided to pay the bill so i could get it cleared from my bureau. So i set up auto pay on their lousy payment portal website. I made three payments and continued to get automated calls from their horrible dialer (if you can call it that! I run dialers for a living and the experience of calls from thiers is absolutely horrible!) in addition to nasty letters in the mail. What the ***! I set up a payment plan? Why do you continue to harass me with calls and letters?

I finally was so fed up I made my final payment directly with G Montana last week. And TODAY I got an email saying my auto pay would be deducted on June 20th. So again, I called their 888 number - only to be placed on hold again (every time you call they put youon infinite hold IF you can even get them to answer your call. I hung up, called back and spoke to the *** G Montanan again and he advised me that the email notice is standard and assured me that no payment would process on 6/20 for a bill I HAVE ALREADY PAID IN FULL.

I will be watching my bank account closely through the 20th! I will absolutely come unglued if they process a payment for an account that has been paid in full. Oh yeah - and I am STILL waiting for balance pd in full letter! Havent gotten anything yet

THIS COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh my goodness I totally can not agree with you more on their customer service skills. I have almost the exact same similar situation with a hospital bill from Chandler that I have never even received and it was turned over to Grant & Weber.

I called their 1-888 to see if I can resolved the issue and settling the account. I am a disabled Veteran and was medically discharged after my tour of duty in Iraq. I served 16 yrs in the military, and my daughter was hospitalized a day after my active duty orders ended. I have never had to pay for a hospital bill for myself or my family and Tricare was supposed to cover the bill because I still have medical insurance for myself and my family due to being medically discharged.

Further more I am now living off of basically little VA disability every month.

I contacted Grant & Weber to see if I can settled this because it's on my credit report and has dropped my credit score down tremendously. In good faith I have been in contact with their same rude collection rep Robert Black. Today I called him to inquire as to how long have they had my account and inquired about different options on the settlement amount.

I politely asked if I decide to settle then when will they release a general settlement letter to me and how long it will take for them to remove it from my credit report. This guy who informed me earlier that all calls are being recorded and I informed him I am recording the call as well for my own protection. As soon as I told him he was being recorded he starting screaming from the top of his lungs and said are you going to pay the settle amount we discussed or not?! I asked him why is he yelling at me and he said because you're the one yelling at me.

I couldn't believe it and had to laugh because not once have I every raised my voice. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and he rudely said I'll have my supervisor call you on Tuesday and by the way forget about your settlement amount and you can pay the full balance owed.

I'm still in complete shock as to how someone like him can go home at night and feel good about himself. I was the one who contacted them to try and resolve the situation after inquiring what this was all about that is on my credit report.

I can fight it and know for a fact that I won't have to pay a dime for this hospital bill but that is going to take a couple of months. I thought by calling them and trying to settle would be easier for me so I can move forward and have it remove and deleted from my credit report. I will now NOT pay them a single dime and submit my dispute with Tricare and them. I wish I could play my recording on here as this guy Robert Black is yelling at me!

I'm glad I could have served my country faithfully for 16 yrs and now be a disabled Veteran just so people like him can have the Freedom of hating their job and yelling at their customers.


One disgusted disabled Marine Veteran!!!


This company is a total scam. Don't give them a dime .

They get consumer personal information and act like they are a collection agency. I had a hospital bill that was paid in full (I HAVE PROOF) and they insisted that I owed more money to the tune of $18,000!!! The paperwork looks official like they are some law firm but it's another scam ring. Don't entertain their threats of collection.

This scam is so common right now. Before you fork over a dime, do your research on the company. These scams are elaborate operations. Woods & Williams is another "firm" that is a scam.

They make threats against your lively hood and say that charges will be filed against you...and on and on. They use scare tactics by showing consumer that they know "EVERYTHING" about them because of the personal information that they have of you. They usually have your whole life sitting in front of them like the vehicles you drive, family member names, SSN, and a host of other information.

They are pretty impressive but at the end of the day, they are SCAMMERS! BEWARE!

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #679861

Im a bill collector too sndctge only time things get diffivult with an account is when the person the other line are being difficult. And you lady from Arizona sound like a ***. And really how do you not remeber you owe the hospital bill??

to complainersblowballs Phoenix, Arizona, United States #679902

Can't you spell.. Complainersblowballs?

***. You must work for the company Grant and Weber

to Anonymous #764045

complainersblowballs what is your deal. Grant and Weber is well known in the industry to be the worst collection company out there. They are rude, unethical and unprofessional.

Just to explain how someone might miss a bill is because there are so many people to pay...there is the hospital, doctors, anesthesia, surgeons, specialists, equipment and people you don't even know looked at you. When my husband left the hospital there were at least 10 different people to pay. Bills continued to roll in for over a year. Sometimes they appear to be the same bill you think you just paid but it was for something else that was billed. I have been working with the hospital to ensure I have not missed anything and they have been great to work with. The collection agency is still trying to collect money even though all debt has been discharged.

The people at Grant and Weber are very rude. I have handed this over to my lawyer who works with a lot of collection agencies in her line of work and cannot believe Grant and Weber are still in business. Grant and Weber sends out an automated message every day, 3 times a day. The debt has been discharged.

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