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I paid my debt off and they assured me it would be removed from my credit report in 30 business days, however, it has been well over 30 business days. Now I am being told it will be 3 more weeks. Don't they have guidelines they have to follow? They should be penalized for their mistake just like I was for mine. I guess we will see if they keep their word this time. I have a feeling I will be calling them again in 3 more weeks with the same... Read more

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Bad company ugly attitude the customer services is terrible Mrs. Smith is berry harassing lady.and the superviseds never return calls

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This company never sent me a letter telling me I owe them any money. I looked on my credit report there they are twice for the same bill won't answer the phone don't talk to me. Read more

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They are the worse. I called several times and no one answers. I finally got put through to voicemail and got a call back a couple days later. Turns out I had medical bills owed years ago and they have charged me interest. I was willing to pay my original debt of $600, but now they want $900. No one was willing to talk to me about making a settlement of the original amount. These people are monsters, they were extremely rude the whole time and... Read more

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This company is boss is very unprofessional. After I explained that this was not me and provide proof. He yelled and hung up and said dont call him back. All I want is for them to erase that false medical bill.. they will not ruin my life. This should be illegal practices.

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I don't have a clue why these guys are on my credit report. Whatever the reason, it's not from an unpaid account. I ALWAYS pay my bills on time. Web results say these guys are scam artist or worst. I'll not call them because I understand they are rude and less than informative. My credit score is fine, so I'll not deal with them on any level. The burden of proof is on them, not me. I'll just continue to pay my bills on time, and check my... Read more

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I am getting harassing phone calls from Grant & Weber weekly for a hospital debt that does not exist. The hospital claims there is no debt on my record. Grant & Weber do not give up -- I block their calls so they use different numbers. Now they are mailing me bills so they have my address! It is most disturbing they were able to discover my information from my private medical records from this hospital visit that occurred one year... Read more

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Wow.. I know having an account in collections is never a good thing. Yet when you are the one to call them to investigate the details of the collection, you would think they would not need to be in that rude, aggressive and uncooperative mode. I called to make arrangements to get this $250 hospital bill taken care of. They refused my attempt to a settlement and were not willing to accept payment arrangements. When I told them that I was on... Read more

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I was turned over to this collection agency by a hospital in Chandler, AZ for failing to pay a bill they never EVEN SENT me! When i got my first notice from Grant & ever I immediately called them to find out what the bill was. They were extremely rude, basically said I owed it regarless of who it was from. At this point in time I didnt even KNOW it was a bill from the hospital. I advised the person handling my account, G Montana (goes by... Read more

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I experienced awful customer service from a company called "Grant & Weber". This is a collections agency and boy talk about rude, these people don't have any personality at all. They have inter personal skills to act sharks over the phone and they love to call back and start a harassment campaign. If you have an issue with them, tell them you are monitoring their calls and if you have a debt, go to merchant where the debt came from even if... Read more

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